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Collection: ABCD SpecimenUnit Pencil.png
No type definition was found for "SpecimenUnit-NomenclaturalTypeDesignation-TypeStatus" in the abcd2 import.
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SpecimenUnit-NomenclaturalTypeDesignation-TypeStatus (also /DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/SpecimenUnit/NomenclaturalTypeDesignations/NomenclaturalTypeDesignation/TypeStatus): A full term designating the status of the nomenclatural type designation.

Darwin Core 2: Type Status.

Notes: The application of an enumeration (controlled vocabulary) for this element has to be evaluated. However, a free text field is clearly necessary to accommodate existing datasets, as shown by the following list of terms (supplied by Charles Hussey as the contents found in databases at the NHM in London): [(Syn)type (?); Allotype; Allotypes; Cotype; Cotype (?); Cotype (see note); Cotype Genotype; Cotype(s); Cotype(s) (see note); Cotypes; Cotypes (see note); former syntypic material (?); Holotype; Holotype (?); Holotype (?), desig. Lectotype; Holotype (allotype attached); Holotype (dubious); Holotype + Paratype; Holotype + Paratypes; Holotype Allotype; Holotype Allotype Paratypes; Holotype and 2 Paratypes; Holotype and 6 Paratypes; Holotype and Paratype; Holotype and Paratypes; Holotype and young phase; Holotype Paratype; Holotype Paratypes; Holotype Paratypes (2); Idiotypes; includes Holotype(?)(1881.10.26.117); Lectotype; Lectotype (?) syntypic material; Lectotype + 2 Paralectotypes; Lectotype + Paralectotype; Lectotype and Paralectotypes; Neotype; Neotype and Paraneotype; Paralectotype; Paralectotype(s); Paralectotypes; Paratype; Paratype (?); Paratype (see note); Paratype Topotype (?); Paratype(s); Paratypes; Paratypes (?); Paratypes (of S. pseudobrowniana); Paratypes (see note); Para[lecto]type; Para[lecto]type(s); Para[lecto]types; Parelectotype; part of type series; parts of Syntype; parts of Syntypes; Possible syntypic material; Referred material; Referred specimen in type desc; Syntype; Syntype (?); Syntype (dubious); Syntype (may be holotype); Syntype (see notes); Syntype fragment; Syntype(s); Syntypes; Syntypes (?); Syntypes (see note); syntypic material (dubious); Topotype; Topotype(s); Topotypes; Topotypes (see note)];

Example(s): Holotype


Constraints in the context of ABCD 2:

ABCD2 Hierarchy

XPath Segments: /DataSets /DataSet /Units /Unit /SpecimenUnit /NomenclaturalTypeDesignations /NomenclaturalTypeDesignation /TypeStatus