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Scheme: ABCD 2 Pencil.png
Collection: ABCD Identification Pencil.png
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Identifier-InheritedName (also /DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/Identifications/Identification/Identifiers/Identifier/PersonName/AtomisedName/InheritedName): The inherited name of the unit identifier. This may consist of family names, generational names, a clan name, parents or grandparents personal names, etc. The inherited name (this being the lastname in western cultures) may be compound (e.g. 'Fischer von Waldheim', 'da Selva', 'Silvano Morales'). Depending on culture, the inherited name is not necessarily the name of the parents nor common to a married couple. Therefore, 'family name' should be avoided even though used in vCard (vCard: N-Family).

Constraints in the context of ABCD 2:

ABCD2 Hierarchy

XPath Segments: /DataSets /DataSet /Units /Unit /Identifications /Identification /Identifiers /Identifier /PersonName /AtomisedName /InheritedName