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Scheme: ABCD 2 Pencil.png
Collection: ABCD Gathering Pencil.png
No type definition was found for "Gathering-SiteImage-IPRStatements" in the abcd2 import.
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Gathering-SiteImage-IPRStatements (also /DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/Gathering/SiteImages/SiteImage/IPRStatements): Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) statements relating specifically to an image taken at the gathering site.

Notes: $$Walter$$ Apropos your comments to me in 0004, I was unsure what group to put for this element. I will group the IPR elements under this as Meta-IPRS, but this element is in the context of Gathering site images. Shall I group this page as Gathering or Media-Multimedia?

Constraints in the context of ABCD 2:

ABCD2 Hierarchy

XPath Segments: /DataSets /DataSet /Units /Unit /Gathering /SiteImages /SiteImage /IPRStatements