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Scheme: ABCD EFG Pencil.png
Collection: EFG SiteStratigraphy Pencil.png
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SectionUnitStratigraphy (also /SiteStratigraphy/SiteSections/SectionLog/SectionUnitStratigraphy): Container for statements relating to the absolute and relative dating and correlation of geological units and gathering sites. Equivalent to 'Result' in Taxon Identification schema. Where a range of dates is associated with a unit, use multiple entries for attibution e.g. if a named unit definitely includes lower raricostatum zone set to certain but may range up into spinatum zone, use one record for raricostatum zone set to certain and another for spinatum zone set to uncertain. If necessary include all intermediate horizons at same or higher level terms that encompass range, to ensure proper indexing.

Constraints in the context of ABCD EFG: