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en:An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context.
de:Ein unzweideutiger Verweis auf die Resource innerhalb eines angebenen Kontextes.
en:Dublin Core: Recommended best practice is to identify the resource by means of a string conforming to a formal identification system. Audubon Core: An arbitrary code that is unique for the resource, with the resource being either a provider, collection, or media item. Using multiple identifiers implies that they have a same-as relationship, i.e. they all identify the same object (e. g. an object may have an http-URL, an lsid-URI, and a UUID-number).

Required for media collections, No for media resources (but preferred if available).

In context of GGBN used as gel image uri.
ja:Associated References
es:Referencias asociadas
fr:Références associées
en:Associated References
en:A list (concatenated and separated) of identifiers (publication, bibliographic reference, global unique identifier, URI) of literature associated with the Occurrence.
es:Una lista (concatenada y separada) de los identificadores (publicación, referencia bibliográfica, identificador único global, URI) de la literatura asociada con el Registro Biológico.
fr:Une liste (concaténée et séparée) d'identifiants (publication, référence bibliographique, identifiant unique global, URI) de littérature associée à l'occurrence.
en:Remark by GGBN: Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
fr:Voir la page
en:The recommended best practice is to separate the values with a vertical bar (' | '). Examples: "", "Christopher J. Conroy, Jennifer L. Neuwald. 2008. Phylogeographic study of the California vole, Microtus californicus Journal of Mammalogy, 89(3):755-767.", "Steven R. Hoofer and Ronald A. Van Den Bussche. 2001. Phylogenetic Relationships of Plecotine Bats and Allies Based on Mitochondrial Ribosomal Sequences. Journal of Mammalogy 82(1):131-137. | Walker, Faith M., Jeffrey T. Foster, Kevin P. Drees, Carol L. Chambers. 2014. Spotted bat (Euderma maculatum) microsatellite discovery using illumina sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources.".
es:"", "Christopher J. Conroy, Jennifer L. Neuwald. 2008. Phylogeographic study of the California vole, Microtus californicus Journal of Mammalogy, 89(3):755-767."
fr:"", "Christopher J. Conroy, Jennifer L. Neuwald. 2008. Phylogeographic study of the California vole, Microtus californicus Journal of Mammalogy, 89(3):755-767.".
en:The current state of a specimen with respect to the collection identified in collectionCode or collectionID. Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary.
es:El estado actual de un espécimen con respecto a la colección identificada en Código de la Colección o ID de la Colección. La práctica recomendada es el uso de un lenguaje controlado.
fr:L'état actuel d'un spécimen en ce qui concerne la collection identifiée par le collectionCode ou collectionID. Il est recommandé d'utiliser un vocabulaire contrôlé.
en:For discussion see Remark by GGBN: "consumed" as another example
fr:Voir la page
en:"in collection", "missing", "voucher elsewhere", "duplicates elsewhere"
es:"en colección", "faltante", "ejemplar testigo", "duplicados en otro lugar"
fr:"en collection", "manquant", "exemplaire type ailleurs", "en double ailleurs"
ggbn:BOLDProcessIDen:BOLD Process IDen:Definite number or ID under which the DNA sequence is deposited in the BOLD databaseen:often a BOLD record has also a genetic accession number at NCBI/EMBL/DDBJ in addition
ggbn:DNADNAHybridizationen:DNA-DNA Hybridizationen:Result of DNA-DNA hybridization, e.g. strain: measurement value percentage
ggbn:DNAMeltingPointen:DNA Melting Pointen:result of melting temperature (Tm) analysis, e.g. measurement value unit
ggbn:DNAThresholden:DNA Thresholden:Fragment size of the ladder you choose as a standard to measure the percentage of your DNA size, at or above threshold fragment size from ladderen:564; 2,027; 2,322; 4,361, 6,557; 9,416; 23,130. The hindIII ladder has fragment sizes (in base-pairs, bp): 564; 2,027; 2,322; 4,361, 6,557; 9,416; 23,130
ggbn:GC-contenten:Guanin-Cytosine contenten:guanine-cytosine content in mol %
ggbn:amplificationDateen:Amplification Dateen:Date when the amplification was carried outen:freetext since mostly exact date is unknownen:2008-10-17, May 2007
ggbn:amplificationMethoden:Amplification Methoden:Method used for amplification/PCR.
ggbn:amplificationStaffen:Amplification Staffen:Person or Institution who performed the amplificationen:Jon Doe, NMNH
ggbn:amplificationSuccessen:Amplification Successen:true/false or yes/no whether the ampliciation was successful in general; highly recommended to report unsuccessful runsen:should be used together with ggbn:amplificationSuccessDetailsen:yes, no, true, false
ggbn:amplificationSuccessDetailsen:Amplification Success Detailsen:Details about the amplification, e.g. including why it has faileden:should be used together with ggbn:amplificationSuccess
ggbn:barcodeSequenceen:Barcode Sequenceen:DNA Barcode sequence (part or 100% of the consensus sequence)
ggbn:blockeden:Blockeden:Sample or specimen data can not be ordered/loaned in general, but are visible via portals.en:Records/samples/specimens not to be published should be blocked on database level. If they are available via Darwin Core or ABCD, they are visible for everyone. This element is to be used for samples/specimens that cannot be loaned.en:yes, no
ggbn:blockedUntilen:Blocked Untilen:Sample or specimen data can not be ordered/loaned until the given date, but are visible via portalsen:in GGBN context the record is visible at the portal but blocked for ordering until the given dateen:2016-03-31, format YYYY-MM-DD
ggbn:chromatogramFileURIen:Chromatogram File URIen:Link to the chromatogram of an individual DNA sequence (single read)en:currently to be used with ABCD only
ggbn:cloneStrainen:Clone Strainen:Name of the individual DNA clone
ggbn:cloningDateen:Cloning Dateen:Date when the DNA cloning was carried outen:2014-05-18, May 2013
ggbn:cloningMethoden:Cloning Methoden:Method or protocol used for DNA cloning
ggbn:cloningStaffen:Cloning Staffen:Person or Institution who performed the cloningen:Jane Doe, NMNH
ggbn:concentrationen:Concentration (DNA)en:Concentration of DNA (weight ng/volume µl)en:in ABCD this element has stringUnit as attribute (example ng/µl) in DarwinCore this element has to be used together with ggbn:concentrationUniten:67.5
ggbn:concentrationUniten:Unit of Concentration (DNA)en:Unit used for concentration measurement (DNA)en:in DarwinCore this element has to be used together with ggbn:concentration this element is not required in ABCD (see ggbn:concentration for details)en:ng/µl
ggbn:consensusSequenceen:Consensus Sequenceen:Consensus sequence derived from all individual sequences
ggbn:consensusSequenceChromatogramFileURIen:Consensus Sequence Chromatogram URIen:Link to the chromatogram of the consensus sequenceen:should start with http://
ggbn:consensusSequenceLengthen:Consensus Sequence Lengthen:Length of the consensus sequence (number of base pairs)en:697, integer value
ggbn:endRepairen:End Repairen:State if end repair was conducteden:under review HTS library terms
ggbn:fragmentLengthen:Fragment Lengthen:Length of fragments (on average or precise)en:currently to be used with ABCD only
ggbn:gelBufferen:Gel Bufferen:Buffer used to make your gel and buffer in which you run the gel. The gel should be made with the same buffer in which it is runen:Tris-Boric Acid-EDTA
ggbn:gelConcentrationen:Gel Concentrationen:Concentration of your gelen:0.7x, 1x, 1.5x
ggbn:gelDurationen:Gel Durationen:Duration of Gel with unit
ggbn:gelLadderen:Gel Ladderen:A Gel Ladder is a combination of various known-length fragments of DNA or RNA used to measure DNA or RNA fragments of unknown lengths.en:HindIII
ggbn:gelRemarksen:Gel Remarksen:General remarks on your gel.
ggbn:gelStainen:Gel Stainen:Type of gel stain used. Gel stain is a substance that binds to DNA and fluoresces under ultraviolet (UV) light.en:GelRed; SYBR-Safe; Ethidium Bromide (EtBr)
ggbn:gelStainConcentrationen:Gel Stain Concentrationen:Concentration of your gel stainen:5ul of 10,000x into 50 ml of TBE buffer
ggbn:gelVoltageen:Gel Voltageen:Voltage of Gel (in V)
ggbn:geneticAccessionNumberen:Genetic Accession Numberen:Definite number or ID under which the DNA sequence is deposited in a public database (GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ accession number)
ggbn:geneticAccessionURIen:Genetic Accession URIen:URI of the related record in a public database (GenBank/DDBJ/EMBL record)en:this is to enable the provider to decide where to point toen:should start with http://
ggbn:haplotypeen:Haplotypeen:Name of the haplotypeen:H4, A23
ggbn:loanConditionsen:Loan Conditionsen:Sample can be ordered under certain conditions, that are described hereen:for non-commercial institutions only; only with permission of material supplier
ggbn:loanDateen:Loan Dateen:Date when loan has been sent by the lender.en:based on HISPID extension for ABCD
ggbn:loanDestinationen:Loan Destination,Loaned Toen:Name of person and/or organization the unit was sent to. Person/Institution who received the material.en:based on HISPID extension for ABCD; in this instance, “sent” is not equivalent to “shipped”. A shipment can be directed to a recipient who is not the actual intended responsible party; many organizations have shipping offices to handle packages.en:Jane Doe, NMNH
ggbn:loanIdentifieren:Loan Identifier,Loan Numberen:The unique institutional loan number to uniquely identify a specimen on loanen:based on HISPID extension for ABCDen:2014/123
ggbn:markeren:Markeren:Genetic locus/marker or DNA fragment amplified by PCRen:COI, rbcL
ggbn:markerAccordanceen:Marker Accordanceen:Result of comparison of two markers of two specimens or strains. Name or TAX-ID (NCBI) of compared specimens/strain and the relative identity percentage must be given
ggbn:markerSubfragmenten:Marker Subfragmenten:Name of subfragment of a gene or locus. Important to e.g. identify special regions on marker genesen:V6
ggbn:materialSampleTypeen:Material Sample Typeen:Classification of kind of physical sample in addition to BasisOfRecord/RecordBasis and Preparation Type.en:Please use preparationType for further specification such as 'leg','blood','gDNA','axenic culture','whole genome library','environmental barcoding library', 'Reduced representation sequencing library'. Equal to KindOfUnit in ABCD!en:tissue, culture strain, specimen, DNA, RNA, Protein, environmental sample, genome library, transcriptome library
ggbn:methodDeterminationConcentrationAndRatiosen:Method used for Determination of Concentration and Ratios of Absorbance (DNA)en:Description of method used for concentration measurement (DNA)en:Nanodrop, Qubit
ggbn:methodDeterminationWeighten:Method used for Determination of Weighten:Description of method used for weight measurementen:This element can be used for both DNA and tissue samples (or specimens)en:Agarose gel, bioanalyzer, tape station
ggbn:pcrCycleNumberen:PCR Cycle Numberen:Number of cycles used for the PCRen:under review HTS library terms
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