Template:smwAsk CountPropertyRepetitionsOnSinglePage

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This template counts the number of separate values (repeated occurrences with values) of a single property on a single page.


  • Pagename
  • Propertyname
Test: using
{{smwAsk_CountPropertyRepetitionsOnSinglePage | Pagename=dcterms:accessRights | Propertyname=skos:definition}}

Result (at time of writing, the correct result was “4”): 4

Background on implementation: with list, ol, ul, the separator sep= is used for multiple values of a single property on a single page. However, no template can be called for each value, with format=template the template is called only once per page and all values of repeated properties are passed together into a single template parameter (original ideas was to use a template to count). Since we know due to the ask query that all property values are from a single page, we now measure the string length once with a 1-char separator, then a 2-char separator, and calculate the difference.