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Summary: Show and list (all) labels and concept names of one concept collection but format it nicely:

  • Concept collection is a section
  • labels and concept names become grouped as a list


{{Show grouped labels of concept collection|ABCD 2}}

or with parameter:

{{Show grouped labels of concept collection
|skos-inScheme=ABCD 2

On a page named “ABCD 2” it is possible to use this template without parameters (so the Wiki page name will be used as value for the requested concept scheme):

{{Show grouped labels of concept collection}}


Bold parameters are mandatory, all other are optional:

Parameter Comment, Example Default
|skos-inScheme= |1= the name of the scheme, eg “ABCD 2” (the Wiki page name is used)
|skos-inScheme limit= the requested limit of property: skos:inScheme collections 100
|in collection concepts limit= the requested limit within one collection itself (not the overall limit) 1000

Technical Documentation


Query and Rendering Optimisation

It is fasted to use pre-formatted properties to just display them in conjunction of #ask. When using template rendering within #ask it slows down as the number of concepts grows.

Use Case Number of Concepts Response time
  • pre-formatted properties
1400 2-3 sec.
  • inline query with template calls
1400  5-7 sec.
  • global array that gets filtered for concept collections
1400  5(6)-7(8) sec.

Perhaps there is still room for optimisations.