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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Concept translation (see that page for the template itself).
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.


This is the "Concept translation" template and holds the translation of a concept per language (see template: concept). It has the following parameter:

{{concept translation
|language    = ISO 639 code, eg: fr or de etc.     <!--  property: dc:language -->
|label       = translated label (mandatory)        <!--  property: skos:prefLabel -->
|alternative labels= (optional)                    <!--  property: skos:altLabel -->
|definition  = translated definition (mandatory)   <!--  property: skos:definition -->
|example     = optional a translated example       <!--  property: skos:example -->
|notes       = optional                            <!--  property: skos:note -->
|is released = is it released? (yes/no)
<!-- for external reference -->
|issued      = date of issue                       <!-- ?add to property: dcterms:issued values en:issue-date, de:issue-date etc. ?? -->
|modified    = date of modification                <!-- ?add to property: dcterms:modified values en:modified-date, de:modified-date etc. ?? -->
|uri         = external uri                        <!-- ?add to property: rdfs:isDefinedBy values en:uri, de:uri etc. ?? -->
|status      = status of this translation          <!-- ?add to property: vs:term status values only english ??-->

Technical documentation

Used subpages/subtemplates:

Template:Concept translation/doc
 ├─ Template: Concept translation/doc documentation
 ├─ Template: Concept translation/definition translated label of definition (add translation in template code)
 ├─ Template: Concept translation/example translated label of example (add translation in template code)
 ├─ Template: Concept translation/notes translated label of notes (add translation in template code)
 ├─ Template: Concept translation/also translated label of also (add translation in template code)
 └─ Template: Concept translation/label translation of label itself (add translation in template code)
 Some parameters were added for external references
 ·─ Template: Concept translation/issued translated label of issued (add translation in template code)
 ├─ Template: Concept translation/modified translated label of modified (add translation in template code)
 ├─ Template: Concept translation/uri translation of label of uri (add translation in template code)
 ├─ Template: Concept translation/status translation of label of status (add translation in template code)

Add supported translation for languages in above listed subtemplates …/definition, …/example, …/notes, …/also, …/issued, …/modified, …/uri , …/status and …/label. Translated languages so far are:

  • de (Deutsch, German)
  • en (English, English)
  • es (Español, Spanish)
  • fr (Français, French)



Check if it is appropriate to generate hash IDs by #subobject SMW-parser-function like: #skos:prefLabel@en. This shows up then in RDF as rdf:resource="http://…/Special:URIResolver/wikiPageName#skos:prefLabel@en"

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