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Used to list all concepts of a scheme, i.e. not grouped by collections. Used in the tabular dynamic pages.


|scheme name=
Example: “Darwin Core”, “Audubon Core” (without quotes); the page name of a concept-scheme page, where Template:Concept scheme is used. May be omitted if collection name is used. Query is on “Category: scheme name”.
|collection name=
optionally, limit the output to a single collection. All concepts of the schema are output if this is missing. Query is on property: vann:termGroup.
|link style=
a switch for the display link (default: page link):
  • for local page links on the very page use local anchor or local page link (or smwAsk_InternalAnchorRef which is a deprecated template call)
  • for page link (linking to the Wiki page) use page link (or smwAsk_GenericPageLink which is a deprecated template call; see Template:smwAsk InternalAnchorRef or Template:smwAsk_GenericPageLink)
|display limit=
the display limit (default: 500). Note that this should not be set too high(!). If there is more to display than a link will appear: “… further results”

Technical Documentation

Avoid using template calls within #ask queries as the number of includable templates is limited and slows down considerably the result’s display.

Technical Dependencies