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Location Created
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Location Created: The location the content of the item was created.

Notes: IPTC Photo Metadata: If the location in the image is different from the location the photo was taken the IPTC Extension property Location Shown in the Image should be used.

Audubon Core: The location at which the media recording instrument was placed when the media was created.

The distinction between location shown and created is often irrelevant, and metadata may be assumed to be referring to location shown. It is recommended that the Location Shown field above always be used when known. However, in the case of position data automatically recorded by the instrument (e. g. EXIF GPS data) Location Created should be used to maintain information accuracy. When one but not both of Location Shown and Location Created are present, AC is silent about whether the provided one entails the other. A best practices document for a particular AC implementation might address this.

Note: URIs of IPTC terms for Adobe XMP terms are not resolvable. Visit IPTC Standard Photo Metadata (July 2010) for further documentation.

Constraints in the context of IPTC Photo Metadata: