Help:Manage updating concept pages etc. in Semantic MediaWiki

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Sometimes after altering templates or property settings in Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) the data do not automatically update in all related pages. To do so you have to enforce an update of data refreshing manually.

Updating one page

In most cases by saving a concept page this is done automatically for one page, but if you have altered template data that are used on several pages or you have added a new property to a template then you must refresh (almost) all the data pages in the Wiki (see below). For updating only one page you can:

  • do a “null edit”, i.e. open the page in the Wiki editor and save it again right away—this triggers most maintenance updates of the page
  • or use the purge procedure (hidden on the tabs on the page top next to “More ▼” then action “Refresh“)

Updating whole concept collections etc. (large mass of pages)

As a group member of Semantic MediaWiki Administrators/Administrators you can