Audubon Core Enhancement Requests

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Warning: This is not the current version of this document. It is kept for archival purposes. For up-to-date information, go to

From Wouter Addink's comments:

  • reviewStatus (review results as controlled vocabulary values)
  • public flag. Question: Is dcterms:rights not sufficient for this?
  • associatedSpeciesTaxon/Reference (a taxon associated with the one shown)
  • properties like sequence pageNumber litYear litVolumen litIssuePrefix litIssue for scanning book pages.
  • problems with dwc:decimalLatitude/longitude, pixelX/Y dimension and plus:ImageFileSizeAsDelivered, xmpDM:duration
  • relationType (probably in DwC?)
  • Issues with access points: interpretation of the 1:n access point model, how to specify parameterized access points
  • No option to specify cropped vs uncropped (for booked pages)

Patrick Leary (EoL):

  • Discussion which fields used. Single thumbnail URI.
  • Added AgentID - Question: is it clear enough how to add a Creator as Literal and Creator-URI?


  • Make clear that all EXIF properties may be included if flash, lens parameters, etc. are desired
  • add an accesspoint-property which allows to specify whether a variant is a cropped one or not!
  • add reviewStatus (review results as controlled vocabulary values)