GGBN Material Sample Vocabulary

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Principal usage: The GGBN Material Sample Vocabulary is meant to be used with a 1:1 relation for 1 tissue, or DNA record. Within a Darwin Core-Archive implementation it has to be used with the new defined Material Sample Core (not Occurrence Core). Together with Darwin Core and GBIF team we decided to keep the Material Sample extension separate from the Material Sample Core. Within ABCD please use the ABCDGGBN implementation. GGBN requirements and recommendations for usage and example content will follow soon.
Scheme: GGBN Data Standard Pencil.png

Description: These terms has been developed for specific GGBN purposes but can be used in other molecular context. The material sample vocabulary terms are specific to basic lab facts about a physical DNA or tissue sample. It also contains terms from MIxS. The vocabulary is still under review. We appreciate any input or feedback. To do so please contact the GGBN secretariat at ggbn[at]

This is a collection within the GGBN Data Standard. It contains the following concepts:

By label: Concentration (DNA)DNA Melting PointDNA-DNA HybridizationHighLowMaterial Sample TypeMediumMethod used for Determination of Concentration and Ratios of Absorbance (DNA)Method used for Determination of WeightPurification Method (DNA or Amplification)QualityQuality Check DateQuality RemarksQuality VocabularyRatio of Absorbance 260/230 (DNA)Ratio of Absorbance 260/280 (DNA)Sample DesignationUnit of Concentration (DNA)Unit of VolumeUnit of WeightVolumeWeightestimated Sizesample size
By concept name: ggbn:concentrationggbn:concentrationUnitggbn:DNADNAHybridizationggbn:DNAMeltingPointggbn:materialSampleTypeggbn:methodDeterminationConcentrationAndRatiosggbn:methodDeterminationWeightggbn:purificationMethodggbn:qualityggbn:qualityCheckDateggbn:qualityRemarksggbn:ratioOfAbsorbance260 230ggbn:ratioOfAbsorbance260 280ggbn:sampleDesignationggbn:volumeggbn:volumeUnitggbn:weightggbn:weightUnitggbnvoc:highggbnvoc:lowggbnvoc:mediumggbnvoc:quality vocabularymixs:estimated sizemixs:samp size