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Taxon Coverage
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Taxon Coverage: A higher taxon (e. g., a genus, family, or order) at the level of the genus or higher, that covers all taxa that are the primary subject of the resource (which may be a media item or a collection). Notes: Audubon Core: Where the subject of an image is several species of ducks with trees visible in the background, Taxon Coverage would still be Anatidae (and not Biota). Note that this somewhat expands the usage of [ ncd:taxonCoverage[1] ] (not yet adopted by TDWG), which specifies coverage at the rank of family or higher (NCD definition: "Taxon or taxa in the collection at Family level or higher"). For collections it is recommended to follow ncd:taxonCoverage[1] to avoid conflicts between an AC record and a record arising from use of the un-adopted NCD. If the resource contains a single taxon, this should be placed in Scientific Taxon Name and not necessarily repeated in Taxon Coverage. If both are filled, care should be taken that the entries do not conflict. Example: If Scientific Taxon Name is Quercus alba then Taxon Coverage, if provided at all, should be Quercus.
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Example(s): “Aves” for a bird key or a bird image collection. Do not add the rank (e.g. "class" for the “Class Aves”) in this field.

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