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Scheme: MIxS Pencil.png
Collections: mixs:host-associated Pencil.png, mixs:microbial mat/biofilm Pencil.png, mixs:miscellaneous natural or artificial environment Pencil.png, mixs:plant-associated Pencil.png, mixs:sediment Pencil.png, mixs:soil Pencil.png, mixs:wastewater/sludge Pencil.png, mixs:water Pencil.png
geographic location (depth)
No type definition was found for "depth" in the mixs import.
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geographic location (depth): Depth is defined as the vertical distance below local surface, e.g. for sediment or soil samples depth is measured from sediment or soil surface, respectively. Depth can be reported as an interval for subsurface samples.

Example(s): 10.3 m

Constraints in the context of MIxS:

Expected value: measurement value
Value syntax: {float} m
Occurrence: 1
Requirement: within package mixs:host-associated: C
Requirement: within package mixs:microbial mat/biofilm: M
Requirement: within package mixs:miscellaneous natural or artificial environment: C
Requirement: within package mixs:plant-associated: C
Requirement: within package mixs:sediment: M
Requirement: within package mixs:soil: M
Requirement: within package mixs:wastewater/sludge: C
Requirement: within package mixs:water: M