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Guidelines on how to create a new term

Using the Semantic Wiki each entity is described by its own Wiki Page. Properties and attributes for the entity are added as annotations to this page. Each vocabulary (of terms) and each individual term will thus be described by separate Wiki Pages. Relations between entities are created as a Typed Link. Attributes are similar to Typed Links and used to annotate the entity/Wiki Page with a value. Types Links are created by adding a (semantic) Property separated by two colons inside the wiki-link syntax, eg: [[Property::page-you-link-to]]. Attributes are created simply by providing a value instead of the Page, eg: [[Property::value]].

A term is a member of a vocabulary

New terms should be created as part of one of the vocabularies (of terms). Each vocabulary of terms should be managed by an expert group (often a TDWG task group). Permissions to add new terms can be restricted to members of the expert group. If no suitable existing vocabulary of terms is available, then a new vocabulary can be proposed and created. Remember that new vocabularies should be managed by an expert group, so the first step could be to mobilize members for such a task group.

Add a new term/concept automatically

Use the following form:


Steps to add a new term manually

  1. The first step is to add a link to a page for the intended new term.
  2. Then you follow the new link to create a page for your new term. This page will provide the description of the term.
  3. If you are not sure how to add the semantic markup, then just try to describe the term, including what label to use and a definition to use. Someone can assist you to make the semantic markup later.
  4. The semantic markup is provided by the following syntax:
In general: [[Property::annotation to page or value]]
Eg. [[skos:definition::This is a definition for a term]]
Eg. [[rdfs:isDefinedBy::]]

We have already imported some of the most common vocabularies used for annotation of terms such as RDF, RDFS, SKOS, Dublin Core, VANN, etc.

If you want to use other properties for annotation, you simply start using the new property—however the exported RDF for your new term will not be correctly represented before the property is imported to this wiki. We recommend that you make contact with one of the Wiki Administrators to import new properties and use forms to set/edit properties.

Terms are assigned to a vocabulary of terms using the [[Category:<vocabulary-title>]] syntax.

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