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The Global Names Architecture (GNA) is described by the canonical URI "". Minting the GBIF Terms here. Each term will have it's own Wiki page with the description of the term. Terms are presented here organized alphabetical by their group (skos:Collection).

Namespace URI: with preferred namespace prefix “gna”.


No Collections defined yet in scheme “Global Names Architecture“.

TODO: Use the formedit on the following pages (to include concepts automatically in this page):
gna:Description, gna:Distribution, gna:Identifier, gna:Image, gna:Reference, gna:SpeciesProfile, gna:TypesAndSpecimen, gna:VernacularName, gna:ageInDays, gna:appendixCITES, gna:isExtinct, gna:isHybrid, gna:isMarine, gna:isPlural, gna:isPreferredName, gna:isTerrestrial, gna:lifeForm, gna:livingPeriod, gna:massInGrams, gna:organismPart, gna:sizeInMillimeters, gna:typeDesignatedBy, gna:typeDesignationType, gna:verbatimLabel

Collections (groups)

Minting the groups for organizing the Global Names Architecture (GNA) Terms here (groups are of rdf:type = skos:Collection).

Concept Terms

Minting the individual GNA Terms here (terms are of rdf:type = skos:Concept).

Taxon Description (gna:Description)

Darwin Core Taxon extension to exchange simple text or paragraph based taxon descriptions. Not suitable for structured descriptions and keys, but useful for creating species pages. (No new terms defined).

dcterms:description | dcterms:type | dcterms:source | dcterms:language | dcterms:created | dcterms:creator | dcterms:contributor | dcterms:audience | dcterms:license | dcterms:rightsHolder

Species Distribution (gna:Distribution)

Geographic distribution of a taxon.


Alternative Identifiers (gna:Identifier)

Other known identifier used for the same taxon or occurrence. Can be a URL pointing to a webpage, an xml or rdf document, a DOI, UUID or any other identifier. (No new terms defined).

dcterms:identifier | dcterms:title | dcterms:subject | dcterms:format

Simple Images (gna:Image)

Simple extension for exchanging metadata, in particular links, for species or occurrence images. (No new terms defined).

dcterms:identifier | dcterms:references | dcterms:title | dcterms:description | dcterms:spatial | geo:latitude | geo:longitude | dcterms:format | dcterms:created | dcterms:creator | dcterms:contributor | dcterms:publisher | dcterms:audience | dcterms:license | dcterms:rightsHolder

Literature References (gna:Reference)

Bibliography for a taxon. (No new terms defined).

dcterms:identifier | dcterms:bibliographicCitation | dcterms:title | dcterms:creator | dcterms:date | dcterms:source | dcterms:description | dcterms:subject | dcterms:language | dcterms:rights | dwc:taxonRemarks | dcterms:type

Species Profile (gna:SpeciesProfile)

Terms for basic species characteristics in addition to textural description which are covered by the description terms.

gna:isMarine | gna:isTerrestrial | gna:isHybrid | gna:isExtinct | gna:livingPeriod | gna:ageInDays | gna:sizeInMillimeters | gna:massInGrams | gna:lifeForm | dwc:habitat | dwc:sex

Types and Specimen (gna:TypesAndSpecimen)

Terms for description of specimens and types, including type specimens, type species and type genera and simple specimens unrelated to types.

dwc:typeStatus | gna:typeDesignatedBy | gna:typeDesignationType | dwc:scientificName | dwc:taxonRank | dcterms:bibliographicCitation | dwc:occurrenceID | dwc:institutionCode | dwc:collectionCode | dwc:catalogNumber | dwc:locality | dwc:sex | dwc:recordedBy | dcterms:source | dwc:verbatimEventDate | gna:verbatimLabel | dwc:verbatimLongitude | dwc:verbatimLatitude

Vernacular Names (gna:VernacularName)

Terms for providing a list of vernacular names for a scientific taxon name.

dwc:vernacularName | dcterms:source | dcterms:language | dcterms:temporal | dwc:locationID | dwc:locality | dwc:countryCode | dwc:sex | dwc:lifeStage | gna:isPlural | gna:isPreferredName | gna:organismPart | dwc:taxonRemarks

GBIF Vocabulary of Terms

Properties Values
Name Global Names Architecture, Vocabulary of Terms
Description The Global Names Architecture (GNA) Vocabulary of Terms includes terms minted by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).
Creator Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
Rights holder Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
Type skos:ConceptScheme
Comment The base URI of the Global Names Architecture (GNA) Vocabulary of Terms is Please make sure that you are only using element identifiers in this namespace, e.g. "". There may be copies of the ontology file on the Web which can be retrieved from other locations, but those locations should not be used as the basis of identifiers.
Prefix gna
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