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crenulate: Finely crenate (scalloped). See also dentate (toothed), denticulate (small-toothed), serrate (sawtoothed), serrulate (small-sawtoothed).[1]
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Example(s): Example sentences from FNA : [1] proximal cauline leaf blades semicircular to cordate or ovate, 1.2-5.1 × 1.5-2.9 cm, base cordate to broadly obtuse, margins entire or crenulate, apex broadly acute to rounded. [2] leaf blade obliquely ovate to nearly orbicular, 0.5–4 0.6–3 cm, puberulent, base cordate to truncate, margin crenulate-denticulate to remotely serrate, apex obtuse to acute;


  1. Categorical Glossary for the Flora of North America Project, by Robert W. Kiger and Duncan M. Porter. 2001. Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.