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Gathering-LocalityText (also /DataSets/DataSet/Units/Unit/Gathering/LocalityText): The original gathering locality data as appearing on a label or in an original entry, as a text string. This field should be transcribed verbatim from the specimen label.

Location information below the country level that describes where the accession was collected. This might include the distance in kilometres and direction from the nearest town, village or map grid reference point. A FAO/IPGRI multi-crop passport descriptor (MCPD), description and examples taken from EURISCO descriptor list dated July 3, 2002.

Where possible, the language of the label locality should be indicated with the language attribute.

Editorial omissions for brevity, etc. should be indicated with an ellipsis (...) and interpreted or implied text should be included in square brackets [ ].

Notes: Clarification is needed as to whether this field includes the full locality information from the Continental level down, or just regional locality string excluding the higher level named areas or regions [JRC]

Example(s): New Caledonia, below summit region of Mt Mou.

New South Wales, Central Tablelands 12 km SW or Armidale.

7 km south of Curitiba in the state of Parana

Constraints in the context of ABCD 2:

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XPath Segments: /DataSets /DataSet /Units /Unit /Gathering /LocalityText