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This template displays the results of an ask-query for a single concept collection, which is passed as the first parameter to the template. The Collection name is shown, then all concepts within it.


{{Concept Index grouped by Collection|name of concept collection}}


name of the concept collection. The default value "Audubon Core Attribution Vocabulary" is provided only to simplify testing; it may later be removed. See also category: Concept collection.

Technical dependencies:

Audubon Core Attribution Vocabulary
By label: Attribution Link URL  •  Attribution URL  •  Copyright Owner  •  Credit Line  •  License Logo URL  •  License URL  •  Rights  •  Source  •  UsageTerms
By concept name: ac:attributionLinkURL  •  ac:attributionLogoURL  •  ac:licenseLogoURL  •  dcterms:rights  •  dcterms:source  •  photoshop:Credit  •  xmpRights:Owner  •  xmpRights:UsageTerms  •  xmpRights:WebStatement