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User Evaluation

Vocabulary Management Task Group (VoMaG) members and other users are most welcome to provide evaluation of the ISOcat software toolkit here. Please focus your user evaluation on the suitability of the ISOcat software as a tool to develop and maintain RDF Vocabularies of basic concepts.

The ISOcat software is provided by the EU funded Clarin project as open source and freely available upon request. The ISOcat is developed as a Java application embedded in its own dedicated application server (NetKernal) and is therefore not installed into an application server such as the Apache Tomcat. For the demo ISOcat instance hosted by GBIF we have used a PostgreSQL database server to store the content. The source URI for terms declared with the ISOcat vocabulary tool can be declared and will follow the exported formats. However each term is always identified by a local URI and the URI namespace declared is always the same for all the terms managed with this tool. ISOcat has a fixed set of attributes available for the description of each term and is in this aspect much less flexible than the Semantic MediaWiki tool. The user-interface for ISOcat requires some practice to get familiar with. When getting used with the interface, basic operations are easy to perform, but the user might find a lack of good workflows for common operations. --Dag Endresen 10:05, 11 April 2012 (CEST)