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Title: Audubon Core Non Normative Document

Date: October 23, 2013

Abstract: The Audubon Core is a set of vocabularies designed to represent metadata for biodiversity multimedia resources and collections. These vocabularies aim to represent information that will help to determine whether a particular resource or collection will be fit for some particular biodiversity science application before acquiring the media. Among others, the vocabularies address such concerns as the management of the media and collections, descriptions of their content, their taxonomic, geographic, and temporal coverage, and the appropriate ways to retrieve, attribute and reproduce them. This page is a history of a non-normative description of the Audubon Core specification. Most readers will be interested only in the latest version.

This page contains citations to offline documents about Audubon Core. If you are unfamiliar with Audubon Core, consider starting here.

Contributors: Robert A. Morris, Vijay Barve, Mihail Carausu, Vishwas Chavan, Jose Cuadra, Chris Freeland, Gregor Hagedorn, Patrick Leary, Dimitry Mozzherin, Annette Olson, Greg Riccardi, Ivan Teage

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Document Status: This document is a TDWG Type 3 Non Normative Document.

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The non-normative document cited below gives a description of the Audubon Core (formerly "MRTG" for the acronym of its creation team, the TDWG/GBIF Multimedia Resources metadata Task Group) representation-neutral format. The non-normative document is the most complete introduction to the purpose, architecture, and history of the Audubon Core effort to propose a multimedia resource metadata architecture suitable for biodiversity media. It is intended to argue for the need, and explain how the Audubon Core uses other metadata terminology wherever possible. A published paper of similar intent is Discovery and Publishing of Primary Biodiversity Data associated with Multimedia Resources: The Audubon Core Strategies and Approaches. R. Morris et al., Biodiversity Informatics, 8, jul. 2013. In addition, please see the Task Group's Mobilising Multimedia Resources in Biodiversity - 2nd report of the GBIF Multimedia Resources Task Group, a set of recommendations one of which was to produce a metadata schema, under the rationale set out in further detail in the non-normative document cited below.

The GBIF Terminology Platform Audubon Core page presents an interesting view of the Audubon Core from the perspective of the GBIF Terminology Platform.

See also the normative Audubon Core Structure and the associated normative Audubon Core Term List.

Consistent with other TDWG projects and standards, Audubon Core issues are tracked in an issue tracker at a github repository.

Current Drafts

docV1.95 accompanies a submission to the TDWG Executive Committee requesting permission for proposed public review of the Audubon Core proposal.

For versions earlier than 1.95, see links here