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License URL
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License URL: A web URL for a statement of the ownership and usage rights for this resource.

Notes: Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP): This is a normal (non-URI) simple value because of historical usage.

Audubon Core: A URL defining or further elaborating on the license statement (e. g., a web page explaining the precise terms of use).

The value of this field may provide a complete definition of the terms of use. For Creative Commons, the appropriate value is the URL of the defining Web page for the license.

Where different quality variants (e. g. resolutions of images) are published under different licenses, the AC term “Licensing Exception Statement” supports variant-specific licenses.

Note: URIs of Adobe XMP terms are not resolvable. Visit XMP Specification Part 1, Sec 8.5 for further documentation. XMP Schema is defined in RDF, not w3c schema.

Example(s): Audubon Core: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/us/.