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{{Concept relation
{{Concept relation
|relation=skos: collection
|relation=skos: collection
|internal page=GGBN HTS Library Preparation
|internal page=GGBN HTS Library Preparation Vocabulary

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Scheme: GGBN Data Standard Pencil.png
Collection: GGBN Preparation Vocabulary Pencil.png
Preparation Type
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Preparation Type: Description of preparation type (specimens, tissues, DNA, HTS Libraries)

Notes: has close match to: BRISQ:Biospecimen type and BRISQ:Anatomical site

BRISQ=Biospecimen Reporting for Improved Study Quality (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21433001)

Example(s): for DNA: gDNA, eDNA, aDNA; for tissues/specimens: leaf, muscle, leg, blood; for HTs libraries: Whole genome shotgun sequencing, Amplicon sequencing, RAD sequencing

Constraints in the context of GGBN Data Standard: