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Warning: This is not the current version of this document. It is kept for archival purposes. For up-to-date information, go to https://dwc.tdwg.org/terms/#dwc:associatedMedia

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Collection: Darwin Core Occurrence Pencil.png
Associated Media
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Associated Media: A list (concatenated and separated) of identifiers (publication, global unique identifier, URI) of media associated with the Occurrence.

Example(s): The recommended best practice is to separate the values with a vertical bar (' | '). Examples: "http://arctos.database.museum/SpecimenImages/UAMObs/Mamm/2/P7291179.JPG", " |".


中文(简体)‎ (Simplified Chinese)
相关媒介: 发现媒介的(发表、全局唯一标识符、统一资源标识符等)标识符之(连接的或分开的)列表。
日本語 (Japanese)
Associated Media: 関連するメディアのID(出版物、GUID、URIなど)のリスト。
Español (Spanish)
asociada a los medios de comunicación: Una lista (concatenada separada) de los identificadores (publicación, el identificador único global, URI) de los medios de comunicación asociados con la ocurrencia.
Français (French)
Média associé: Une liste (concaténée et séparée) d'identifiants (publication, identifiant unique global, URI) de médias associés à l'occurrence.
Exemple: http://arctos.database.museum/SpecimenImages/UAMObs/Mamm/2/P7291179.JPG