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Taxon Count
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Taxon Count: An exact or estimated number of taxa at the lowest applicable taxon rank (usually species or infraspecific) represented by the media resource (item or collection).

Notes: Audubon Core: Primarily intended for resource collections and singular resources dealing with sets of taxa (e. g., identification tools, videos). It is recommended to give an exact or estimated number of specific taxa when a complete list of taxa is not available or practical. The count should contain only the taxa covered fully or primarily by the resource. For a taxon page and most images this will be “1”, i. e. other taxa mentioned on the side or in the background should not be counted. However, sometimes a resource may illustrate an ecological or behavioral entity with multiple species, e. g., a host-pathogen interaction; taxon count would then indicate the known number of species in this interaction. This should be a single integer number. Leave the field empty if you cannot estimate the information (do not enter 0).

Additional taxon counts at higher levels (e. g. how many families are covered by a digital Fauna) should be given verbatim in the resource description, not here.