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This template outputs a single term as a set of rows in a table (which must be opened and closed by an external template).

The template parameters (as created by ask in Template:Concept_Table_grouped_by_Collection_1) are:

= ? #-
= ?terms-internal:enLabel #-
= ?terms-internal:enDefinition #-
= ?terms-internal:enExample #-
= ?terms-internal:enNote #-
= ?rdfs:isDefinedBy #-

It uses variables

  • constraintOfConcept (repeatable, required is saved in property: cardinality but is contained in subobject constraint of concept, which will ask for {{#ask [[constraint of concept::concept-page-name i.e. {{{1}}}]]}})


REDUCE TEMPLATE CALLS, e.g. {{Concept to imported URI}} --Andreas Plank (talk) 17:07, 23 January 2020 (CET)