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Used in scheme(s): RDF Schema
Has type

Type “Text”

  • holds text of arbitrary length
  • can be Wiki code (except <nowiki> content)
  • can be searched partially: if text is ≤ 72 characters it's all searchable, if text is > 72 characters then only the first 40 characters can be searched
  • is better set with parser function #set than with [[rdfs:comment::long text possibly having […] text ]]

See also types defined by Semantic MediaWiki and Special:Properties for all properties.

Imported from (RDF Schema)
See also import page MediaWiki:Smw_import_rdfs
This page lists all occurrences of comment (= Property:rdfs:comment) in TDWG Terms Wiki. See also the concept page of rdfs:comment (possibly with detailed information).
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A concept page is supposed to be in the article name space holding more detailed definitions, notes, relations etc. than the basic settings here on the property page.

The SMW-import-page (MediaWiki:Smw import rdfs) defines a name space prefix “rdfs” and the following pages (=concepts or concept collections “Folder-silk.png”):
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Pages using the property "rdfs:comment"

Showing 21 pages using this property.


GeoTime +Standard nomenclature for paleontological intervals of time and events based on GTS2004.  +
Germplasm +The Darwin Core extension for genebanks is based on the Darwin Core vocabulary and is designed as an extension to this vocabulary.  +
Global Names Architecture +The base URI of the Global Names Architecture (GNA) Vocabulary of Terms is Please make sure that you are only using element identifiers in this namespace, e.g. "". There may be copies of the ontology file on the Web which can be retrieved from other locations, but those locations should not be used as the basis of identifiers.  +


Interaction +This SKOS vocabulary is based the TDWG LSID Ontology model for taxon occurrence interactions, developed by Kevin Richards in 2009 and aimed at describing the interactions between TaxonOccurrences, observations, specimens etc. Eg the Interaction class can be expressed a host/parasite relation between two TaxonOccurrences. The TDWG LSID Ontology is again based on earlier developments from 2007 supported in part by the Pollinators Thematic Network of the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN) and by the Pollination Information Management System of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).  +


gna:Description +Darwin Core Taxon extension to exchange simple text or paragraph based taxon descriptions. Not suitable for structured descriptions and keys, but useful for creating species pages.  +
gna:Distribution +Geographic distribution of a taxon.  +
gna:Identifier +Alternative identifiers for a taxon or occurrence.  +
gna:Image +Terms for exchanging metadata, in particular links, for species or occurrence images.  +
gna:Reference +Bibliography, i.e. list of literature references. For example a taxon, occurrence or specimen.  +
gna:SpeciesProfile +Terms for basic species characteristics in addition to textural description which are covered by the description terms.  +
gna:TypesAndSpecimen +Terms for description of specimens and types, including type specimens, type species and type genera and simple specimens unrelated to types.  +
gna:VernacularName +Terms for providing a list of vernacular names for a scientific taxon name.  +


spi:SaproxylicInteraction +Category for saproxylic interaction concepts.  +
spi:SugarFungus +Fungus that live on sugars and carbon compounds simpler than cellulose in the initial decomposition stage.  +
spi:TaxonOccurrenceInteraction +Category for concepts imported from the TDWG Interaction Ontology.  +
spi:WoodDecayer +Wood decayer fungus with ability to decompose cellulose and/or lignin, or smaller fragments thereof, unknown which category it belongs to.  +
spi:WoodDecayerBrownRot +Wood decayer fungus with ability to decompose cellulose and/or lignin, or smaller fragments thereof, brown rot category.  +


toi:HostOf +Has occurrred with the host organism defined.  +
toi:ParasiteOf +Parasite of  +
toi:PreyedUponBy +Preyed upon by  +
toi:PreysUpon +preys upon  +