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Please note that the Darwin Core term definitions and examples presented here may be out of date with the normative descriptions. For the latter, please visit http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/.

Scheme: Darwin Core Pencil.png

Description: The category of information pertaining to a location within a geological context, such as stratigraphy.

Notes: For discussion see http://code.google.com/p/darwincore/wiki/GeologicalContext

This is a collection within the Darwin Core. It contains the following concepts:

By label: BedEarliest Age Or Lowest StageEarliest Eon Or Lowest EonothemEarliest Epoch Or Lowest SeriesEarliest Era Or Lowest ErathemEarliest Period Or Lowest SystemFormationGeological Context IDGroupHighest Biostratigraphic ZoneLatest Age Or Highest StageLatest Eon Or Highest EonothemLatest Epoch Or Highest SeriesLatest Era Or Highest ErathemLatest Period Or Highest SystemLithostratigraphic TermsLowest Biostratigraphic ZoneMember
By concept name: dwc:beddwc:earliestAgeOrLowestStagedwc:earliestEonOrLowestEonothemdwc:earliestEpochOrLowestSeriesdwc:earliestEraOrLowestErathemdwc:earliestPeriodOrLowestSystemdwc:formationdwc:geologicalContextIDdwc:groupdwc:highestBiostratigraphicZonedwc:latestAgeOrHighestStagedwc:latestEonOrHighestEonothemdwc:latestEpochOrHighestSeriesdwc:latestEraOrHighestErathemdwc:latestPeriodOrHighestSystemdwc:lithostratigraphicTermsdwc:lowestBiostratigraphicZonedwc:member