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{{AC Implementation
{{AC Implementation
|Name=Audubon Core as single terms
|Name=Audubon Core Development
|Link=[[Audubon Core as single terms]]
|Link=[[Audubon Core Development]]
|Description=GBIF Terms Wiki representation of AC terms in a SKOS perspective
|Description=Terms Wiki representation of AC terms in a SKOS perspective
{{AC Implementation
{{AC Implementation

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Title: Audubon Core Implementations

Date: October 30, 2013

Abstract: Known Audubon Core implementations

Part of TDWG Standard: Audubon Core

Document Status: This page is a Non-normative List of Audubon Core implementations. It is TDWG Type 3 Non Normative Document. It is best edited using the "Edit with form" tab at the top of the page.

See also: the normative documents Audubon Core Structure and Audubon Core Term List, the Audubon Core Non Normative Document and the Audubon Core Implementations (non-normative). Issue reports and resolutions are at the Audubon Core Issue Tracker.

Name Simple RDF
Link Audubon Core Term List RDF Version
Status TDWG Type 3 Non Normative Document
Description A simple, non-normative example of an RDF representation of Audubon Core. It is auto generated from the Audubon Core Term List and is actually HTML. There is not presently a real resolvable RDF for it.
Name Audubon Core Development
Link Audubon Core Development
Description Terms Wiki representation of AC terms in a SKOS perspective
Name GBIF IPT Extension for Audubon Core Metadata
Status Probably based on [Core Term List with permid=3285 dated 9 July 2012]. May not need much revision except dealing with URI's vs strings. User:BobMorris

Source at https://code.google.com/p/gbif-registry/source/browse/trunk/rs.gbif.org/sandbox/extension/audubon_extended.xml?r=3316

Description A GBIF IPT extension based on Audubon Core